What To Wear to Disney World – Month by Month Guide

Are you getting ready for your adventure to the world’s happiest place? Here’s what to wear to Disney World to stay comfortable at any time of year.

To enjoy the happiest place on earth to the fullest, you may be wondering what clothes to pack.

The weather at Disney World varies considerably throughout the year, so you’ll need to determine what month you are traveling to bare your teeth and ambitions and be prepared (see what we did there!). Florida can be hot and muggy, cool and breezy, or even chilly. So if you’re planning on a day at Disney with the wrong clothes, you could be in for a miserable time.

Pack accordingly by following our guide, and you’ll be ready for the magic of Disney without having to worry about your comfort. Check out our guide to what to wear to Disney World below.

what to wear to disney world

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What To Wear To Disney World In January

Whether you’re going on a park ride with your family or enjoying live entertainment, you will probably be outside for most of your trip. Be sure to pack lots of comfortable clothes for walking and standing outdoors!

In January, it might be chilly while you are outside. The average temperature ranges from 47 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is often accompanied by wind chill. Bring a light jacket or sweater when you travel to Disney World in January.

Humidity can be high in January, so it may feel warmer than it is. Wear lightweight pants and tops to stay comfortable, and tie a jacket or flannel around your waist to prepare for chilly afternoons. 

What To Wear To Disney World In February

February is warmer than January, and the Disney World area can reach temperatures in the mid-80s. The humidity is often higher than in January, but not substantially so. Wear a tank top or t-shirt, and bring a zip-up jacket just in case the temperature drops.

Remember that the temperature will be significantly colder during the evenings. You might want to bring a heavier sweater if you are dining outside or attending an outdoor event at Disney World.

You will also want to bring comfortable sneakers. You will be doing a LOT of walking, but the weather may not be appropriate for sandals just yet.

what to wear to disney world

What To Wear To Disney World In March

The weather starts to improve in March, and you will see significantly fewer cold days. Expect temperatures to range from the 50s to the high-80s, and expect the crowds to follow the warmer weather.

In March, you can start to wear shorts and lighter pants. Consider bringing a swimsuit if you go to a beach on your Disney World trip. Spring Break is the start of the beach season in this area of Florida.

March weather is temperate at Disney World, but chilly days are not uncommon. Prepare for unexpected weather by packing a warm jacket or coat, just in case!

What To Wear To Disney World In April

Wear loose-fitting clothes to Disney World in April. This month is when the warm season starts to pick up. Also, bring sunscreen, because the Florida sun does wait for summer! 

T-shirts and loose pants are perfect for April, as the temperature will fluctuate from the 50s to the 80s. Pack a fun Disney t-shirt from home, or buy one at the park.

April is a great time to bring maxi dresses and board shorts to Disney World. The rest of the country may still have spring weather, but Florida will already be in summer temperatures in April. Olaf would be pleased

What To Wear To Disney World In May

Wear a hat if you visit Disney World in May. The sun will be shining bright, and you will not want to be at Disney World without a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 

The humid summer months can become unbearable if you dress in the wrong clothing. Leave the long-sleeved shirts at home and choose t-shirts and tank tops instead. A jacket is optional, but you probably will not need it.

Bring loose-fitting t-shirts for your kids in May if you have little ones. Dressing everyone in summer-friendly clothes like tanks, shorts, or lightweight dresses will make the experience far more enjoyable.

what to wear to disney world


What To Wear To Disney World In June

June is hot at Disney World. Pack cool, lightweight clothing, and wear a hat at all times. Make sure to keep in line with the Disney World dress code and wear clothes that are both summer-friendly and family-friendly.

The rainy season starts in June, so be prepared for sudden storms. Bring appropriate shoes for rides that you do not mind getting wet. Sandals are a great choice, but check that you can wear them on all the rides.

In summary, June is one of the highest months for rainfall, but it is also one of the hottest. Wear lightweight clothes, sunglasses, and comfortable walking shoes. Don’t forget your umbrella or Mickey poncho!

What To Wear To Disney World In July

July is the rainiest month on average, and you will probably be caught in the rain while you are at Disney World. Make sure to pack rain boots, a raincoat, and clothes you can get wet.

Dressing for Florida weather can be tricky, as you may find yourself in an unpredictable rainstorm. Don’t forget your umbrella, especially in the wetter months of June and July.

July temperatures range from the 70s to the 90s. However, you have to consider the humidity as well. Wear cooling wrist wraps to beat the heat, and bring an extra hat, just in case you lose one on the rides!

What To Wear To Disney World In August

Like July, August is a hot month at Disney World. Pack smart and bring lots of cool t-shirts to wear. 

Consider taking an extra change of clothes to the park, as you may want to change between the rides and dinner. August at Disney World is full of hot, sticky afternoons, and it may be nice to have an extra t-shirt and shorts in your bag for humid days.

August is also rainy, and the rain, coupled with the humid climate, can make your trip miserable if you don’t prepare. Stay on top of the game by wearing light dresses, breathable tops, and board shorts.

What To Wear To Disney World In September

Disney World starts to cool down in September. Temperatures drop slightly, and you can wear long-sleeved tees again. However, stay prepared for the heat and bring short-sleeved tees as well. 

Longer shorts are great for September. They protect your legs from the sun while still keeping you cool. Consider packing a maxi dress or a mid-length sleeveless dress if you prefer dresses.

Tropical storms often hit Florida in September, so prepare for unexpected rain showers. Winds also reach high speeds, so you should dress in comfortable clothing to protect yourself from those blustery days. Baseball tees, loose-fitting blouses, and light jumpsuits are all great choices.

what to wear to disney world

What To Wear To Disney World In October

October is the time to layer. Fall is in full swing, but it may still be hot. Prepare yourself for alternating hot and cool days by layering your clothing.

Wear a light tank or tee and pair it with a zip-up hoodie. Dress in casual pants or leggings instead of board shorts.

October at Disney World includes Halloween events, so encourage your kids to pack a costume of their favorite Disney character!

Remember that Disney World prohibits guests ages 14 and older from wearing costumes for safety reasons.

What To Wear To Disney World In November

November comes with significantly cooler temperatures. Temperatures start to drop to the lower 50s, so you will want to be prepared for chilly days. Wear a sweater or cozy shirt paired with lightweight pants. 

It will probably not rain during your November visit, but it is good to come prepared. Reach for a poncho in your bag if you find yourself in a sudden rainstorm.

what to wear to disney world

What To Wear To Disney World In December

Florida may not experience eternal winters, but Elsa still lives in Disney! Bundle up for Disney World in December. Wear a fun Mickey sweatshirt or a cozy jacket, and opt for leggings underneath. You may also want to wear gloves and bring a warm hat.

The weather can be occasionally hot in December. Wear some lighter clothes under your sweater. It is always a good idea to layer when you go to Disney World, so you will be prepared if the weather changes while you are at the park.

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