9 Best Water Parks in Orlando, Florida for Families

If you and your family are seeking an adventure like no other, plan a trip to Orlando soon and beat the summer heat of Florida by visiting some of the fantastic water parks in Orlando.

Florida, aka the Sunshine State, has some of the largest theme parks than any other state in the United States, like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, to name a couple. However, it is also home to several world-class water parks. Therefore, if you and your kids love water activities, there is no other place to spend the best time of your summers other than Florida. 

water parks in orlando

Orlando, in particular, is home to some of the world’s most exciting water parks in the country. Giant pools, thrilling water slides, and other exciting water activities combined with the perfect all-year-round warm weather make the waterparks in Orlando worth a visit for people of all ages. 

The following is a list of the best Orlando water parks to take your families. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Aquatica waterpark stands among the perfect waterparks for people of all ages and those who love sea life. Besides plenty of thrill rides, beaches, pools, and water sports activities, the Aquatica water park’s main theme is up-close animal encounters as visitors enjoy their water adventures.

Slide into a transparent tube that takes you underwater with some beautiful marine animals, including dolphins, sharks, and various large fish. 

The Aquatica waterpark is also the first certified autism center in the world, making the place autism-friendly by offering details of every attraction to serve differently-abled visitors. 

Additionally, the water park also features a separate kids’ area, the Walkabout Waters, which is a water playground with bright rainbow slides and other interactive elements for your little ones.

Universal Orlando Volcano Bay Water Theme Park

Volcano Bay at the Universal Orlando Resort is the water theme park for families with an exclusive theme, thrilling water rides, and other exciting elements. It is a perfect island paradise, offering a virtual paying facility so that the visitors do not waste their precious minutes standing in lines for the tickets. 

The main attractions include the Ko’okiri Body Plunge for the daring ones- the tallest drop-door body slide in America, the Krakatau™ Aqua Coaster, and a Tot Tiki reef for the kids.

Universal Volcano Bay water park is centered around the Krakatau Volcano, which is 200 feet tall. The water park also features more than 24 water slides and several swimming pools for you to relax and catch your breath. 

Disney Blizzard Beach

best water park in orlando

Another best in the list of waterparks in Orlando is the Disney Blizzard Beach, located in the Walt Disney Resort Complex. This waterpark’s most unique feature is its ski resort theme instead of a regular tropical island theme. 

The beach has more than 20 slides emerging from the top of the mountain, with the Summit Plummet being one of its most-attractive slides for the adrenaline junkies. It is the tallest and fastest free-falling body slide in the world, plunging at almost 60 mp/h, making it one of the best waterparks in Orlando for teens willing to bring out their daring side. 

For the kids or those not seeking to be too adventurous, the Disney Blizzard Beach offers various other gentle options like a wave pool, ski patrol training camp, a zipline, and other minor slides. 

Accordingly, it makes it one of the best waterparks in Orlando for kids and adults alike.

You can also visit Blizzard Beach in the chilly weather as the water is heated for the visitors to enjoy all year round.

Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark

Located in the Disney Resort Complex, the Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark has it all if you are looking for a waterpark for kids, teens, and adults. Based on a gorgeous tropical oasis theme, this waterpark includes attractions like the world’s largest wave pool spanning over 2.5 acres, thrilling water slides, a surf pool, and a huge lazy river for a soothing swim. 

The water park has recently added Miss Adventure Falls, whereby a conveyor belt lifts the visitors on the slide entrance before riding the slide into the splashing pool below.

Discovery Cove

The Discovery Cove waterpark offers a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience worthy of a visit. Get up close with some majestic marine animals while swimming in the refreshing waters.

From swimming along with dolphins and snorkeling with stingrays and other tropical fish in the Grand Reef to feeding exotic birds, a day out at Discovery Cove is a memorable experience that visitors will cherish for years to come. 

Do not worry about the safety, as you will find professional animal trainers and lifeguards all over the waterpark at all times.

Legoland Water Park

The Legoland waterpark is a part of the Legoland Resort in Florida. The theme is, of course, lego-based, with a giant wave pool, a gentle river, exciting play areas for kids, and more than 15 thrilling water slides. One of the water park’s most compelling attractions is a 60-feet tall drop body slide, which is certainly not for faint-hearted visitors. 

Though the park offers plenty of kid-friendly attractions, it is also a perfect water park in Orlando for teens. It has a 1000-feet long lazy river, where you can build your lego raft and race along with other visitors.

Island H2O

Another great water park to visit with your families is the Island H2O water park located near Margararviile Resort. This water park is a new addition to the list of waterparks in Orlando and is less crowded due to the same reason. 

Themed around social media, you can live stream and post your experience by syncing your wristband with the waterpark’s app. 

It is an excellent kid-friendly place with tons of water activities, including exhilarating drop slides, plunges, rapids, a refreshing lazy river, and a Pelican’s Paradise- a designated space for tiny tots. 

Buccaneer Bay

Located in the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Orlando, the Buccaneer Bay water park is one of its kind in the whole state. The park is spring-fed with a beautiful theme for the visitors to enjoy the summer season with families. The waterpark features a sandy white beach, three giant slides, tube rides, and a lazy river flowing around the pool. 

Along with a gorgeous water park, the Buccaneer Bay also offers a unique experience of a sub-merged auditorium of 400 seats, where visitors can enjoy a live performance of the Little Mermaid with their little ones. 

Rapids Water Park

The Rapids water park is located in Riviera Beach in South Florida and is a seasonal water park with more than 25 rides and attractions for people of all ages and interests. Teens can experience an adventurous obstacle course, the Alligator Alley, where they need to cross the river bypassing artificial alligators and jumping from one lily pad to another. 

There is also a funnel slide, the Big Thunder, dropping the visitors into an enormous water funnel at a 45-degree angle.

In Summary – Water Parks In Orlando

Want to escape the heat and relax in the tropical oasis? Head over to water parks in Orlando for a lifetime experience. The best part about visiting Florida is that the weather is warm all year round, so there is no need to worry about the perfect season to plan your trip to the Sunshine State.

From adrenaline-pumping water slides to splash pads for toddlers and kids, Orlando has an abundance of waterparks to take your family during your Florida getaway, making for some memorable fun in the sun and a one-of-a-kind summer trip.

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