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Create your Travel Itinerary Worldwide

This app makes it easier to get an overview about possible travel itineraries and next travel destinations. And then, it helps you to optimize the itinerary and plan your next trip. - By Jason Taub, Realtor® with D'Angelo Realty Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Move to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is famous for its beaches, waterways, arts, culture and events. It’s a great place to call home and a popular vacation destination for many. The vibrant, coastal city, located on Florida’s east coast 25 miles north of Miami and 40 miles south of Palm Beach, offers endless activities, events and sightseeing opportunities. Enjoy being on or near the water during the day and countless dining and entertainment options by night.  Read more at

Girl Versus Globe

Girl Versus Globe is an authentic, multifaceted blog fashioned by creativity, love, and passion for life meant to inspire like-minded individuals to follow their dreams and never stop wandering. Full of valuable travel advice, a diverse collection of destinations and itineraries, as well as the secret struggles behind building the life she’s always dreamed of, one wild at heart explorer shares authentic content and inspirational stories about her adventurous journey to becoming a digital nomad.

North Palm Beach Life

Covering everything from local events to food, cruise vacation news and travel highlights .. In the form of podcasts, articles and insightful writeups.

Fuel For The Sole Travel & Outdoor Lifestyle

We are Meagan and Andy – an adventurous couple who have been traveling for the past four years. Now full-time travelers, we are fixed on seeing the world. We are currently traveling North America in our converted SUV camper.  Our passion is in outdoor adventure and we aspire to live a healthy and eco-friendly life.  We encourage you to explore our beautiful world, admire it, and protect it.  Come along for the ride and join us on our wanderlust journey.

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