Lockers at Disneyland: What To Know Before You Go

At Disneyland, the whole idea is to enjoy yourself! Carrying around bags of stuff for you and your kids isn’t really our idea of enjoyment. Who wants to argue over carrying jackets and lunch boxes when there are rides to explore, family photos to take and Mickey Mouse to meet? Thankfully there are lockers at Disneyland you can use.

Disneyland can relieve the inconvenience of juggling backpacks and coolers throughout your day at the park with their locker rentals. Guests can locate the lockers of varying sizes at different areas across the parks. 

It’s a great option if you plan on picking up souvenirs you might want to stow during the day. Some of the lockers near the picnic areas are big enough to store coolers. The park has options for guests regardless of the size of their personal belongings.

Read on to find the answers to questions like “How do you rent lockers at Disneyland” and “How much do lockers at Disneyland cost?”

lockers at disneyland

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Does Disneyland Have Lockers?

Visitors can find lockers at Disneyland at several places inside and outside the parks.

This map will show you their exact locations.

Lockers are available at these Disneyland locations:

  • Disneyland Park
  • Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Disney California Adventure Park
  • Buena Vista Street
  • The Esplanade
  • Picnic Areas
  • Near the Grizzly River Run Ride*

*This locker location is not on the map.

Lockers near the Downtown Disney District are located outside the Main Entrances to Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park.

The outside lockers are a great choice if you’re going to more than one park, as the properties can have different opening hours and closing hours. You don’t want to risk forgetting about your items or being too far away from them in the event that one park closes.

You can find some of the outdoor lockers near the picnic areas, which makes it easy to bring food. The picnic areas are outside the park, near the Esplanade before Downtown Disney. These picnic spots are on the edge of the park, so you still get the experience of being at Disneyland. They offer traditional picnic benches and trees for a shady respite on a hot day. 

lockers at disneyland
Leave your stuff in secure lockers at Disneyland

Hours Guests Can Access Lockers 

It’s crucial to note that lockers inside the parks are only accessible during the park’s business hours. You can’t store items in any locker overnight. If guests leave items overnight, the park staff will put the personal effects in the lost and found. 

During the day, you can access lockers at any time. In the event that you go between parks, make sure someone in your group keeps track of which locker(s) you used. 

Locker Sizes

The parks have various sizes of lockers available. Some of the outside lockers are big enough for a cooler filled with cold drinks and lunch, which is great if you want to picnic in a quieter spot near the park.

Inside the park, the locker sizes are:

  • 11 x 18 x 14 inches
  • 14 x 18 x 17 inches 

Outside the park, locker sizes are: 

  • 11 x 18 x 14 inches
  • 14 x 18 x 17 inches 
  • 15 x 31 x 24 inches
  • 19 x 31 x 24 inches

You can locate the last two outside lockers listed near the picnic area. 

Disneyland Locker Prices

Park workers determine the prices of lockers by size. As of May 2022, lockers inside the parks are $7 and $10 a day. Lockers outside of the parks are priced at $7, $10, $12 and $15 a day. 

You can pay with a credit card. After your payment, you’ll be given a code to reopen the locker. With no keys, it makes it easy for multiple family members to access the locker during the day. 

Free Lockers

Additionally, there are a few lockers near the Grizzly River Run that aren’t on the map. They’re free for two hours and are convenient if you want to keep things dry while on the ride or want to set some things aside while having lunch at Craftsman. 

Visitors should realize that after two hours, the lockers cost $6 an hour. Make sure to plan which lockers are best for your needs so you can avoid additional charges.

Other Options for Delivering and Checking Park Purchases 

If running back to your locker is out of the way, staff can deliver purchases at Disneyland Parks to you at your hotel if you are staying at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels. There’s no charge for this service. You can request the hotel delivery when you’re checking out at the cashier. 

If you are a day visitor to the park or staying at another hotel, you can have your purchases held for free at these locations: The Star Trader at Disneyland Park, Pioneer Mercantile at Disneyland Park, Elias & Company in Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort Stroller Shop, and Port Royal at Disneyland Park

lockers at disneyland

Can You Bring a Cooler Into the Park?

You can bring a cooler into the park, but it must be compact. It can be about the size of a six-pack cooler or smaller. Provided you’re visiting the park with a group, be sure to strategize how much food you bring so you adhere to size limits.

Guests can’t bring in dry ice or lose ice. So, park staff recommend a freezer pack. No glass containers are allowed except for small baby food jars. 

What About Storing Refrigerated Medication While at the Park?

You can drop off any medication that needs refrigerated storage at the First Aid locations in either park. Here is a map with First Aid locations. Staff members can also provide containers for anyone who needs to get rid of needles.

Items Not Permitted in Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park

Here is a list of items directly from the Disneyland website you’ll need to leave at home, or, if appropriate, store in an outside locker before entering the park. 

Guests can bring service animals, unicycles, bicycles, wagons, pogo sticks, drones, suitcases and backpacks, inline skates and shoes with attached wheels. For stroller and backpack height, width and length specifications, please refer to the page linked in the above paragraph.

In Summary – Lockers at Disneyland 

A day at Disneyland is one you want to be able to experience fully without unnecessary hassles. Planning ahead for what you need to bring to the park to enjoy your day can make all the difference on your visit.  

Measuring your backpacks, bags or coolers ahead of time can save lugging around items that you thought you might be able to store. Looking at the locker locations on the park map before arrival lets you find a locker quickly once at the park. 

If you ignore planning, storing things can become an unnecessary headache. If you are going to two parks, leaving things in the morning at a locker outside a park that is near your hotel or car can make the day a lot easier. 

If you have any questions about storing items in the lockers and want help, you can reach the Disneyland cast members online or by phone. They can answer anything you might be wondering about ahead of your time at Disneyland. 

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