How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

If you’re arriving at LAX, you might not want to deal with the hassle and fare uncertainties of taking a taxi to Disneyland. But these days, you’ve got other options. Here’s how to take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost, and how long it will take.

Uber is one of the best ways to get to Disneyland, and we have all the tips and information you need to use Uber during your trip. We’ll discuss travel to Anaheim, Disneyland, and Disneyland Hotel. We’ll even compare taking a taxi instead of an Uber.

There’s nothing worse than struggling with transportation during your trip. Determine your transport ahead of time, and make your Disneyland vacation fun and stress-free. Read on to discover everything you need to plan Uber transportation from LAX to Disneyland.

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How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

Distance From LAX to Disneyland

LAX is 33.3 miles from Disneyland Park. Your Uber will probably take Interstate 105, which has an approximate driving time of 1 hour and 7 minutes. 

Even though 33.3 miles doesn’t sound like that much, traffic is heavy in Los Angeles. As a result, the distance from LAX to Disneyland will feel much longer than 33.3 miles. Check a local traffic index for information on current traffic in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, the distance depends on what route your Uber chooses to take. Your Uber may take the CA-91 E or Interstate 405, adding a few miles to the distance total.

Can You Take an Uber From LAX to Disneyland?

Yes, you can take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland. LAX is one of the most popular pick-up locations for Uber users, and hundreds of Uber cars come and go every day. It’s easy to find an Uber ride from LAX to your destination, whether Disneyland or a nearby hotel.

If you want to learn how to take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland, log into the Uber app to request your car size and pick-up time. Keep in mind how much luggage you have with you, and make sure the Uber has enough space for you and your family.

How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland
LAX tower

Can You Catch an Uber From LAX Airport?

Yes, Uber offers services from LAX airport. You can reserve an Uber ride up to 30 days before your trip, so you don’t have to worry about arranging transportation while you’re at the airport. 

To catch an Uber from LAX airport, head to the Uber website and select a time slot and date. Make sure to specify your location because the LAX airport has several entrances. You can also catch an Uber from the pick-up point at LAX-it, but you will take a shuttle first.

Before you catch the Uber, verify the license plate and car model. Then, you will be on your way to Disneyland! So to definitively answer the question: “Can uber pick me up from LAX?”

Yes, certain Uber cars can pick you up from the LAX airport. LAX allows the Black SUV, Uber Black, and Lux cars inside the airport parking lot. These cars can drive directly to one of the airport entrances to pick you up.

If you want a different Uber car, walk or shuttle to the LAX-it pick-up point. You can take any available Uber from this location.

How Much Is a Taxi From LAX to Disneyland?

A taxi from LAX to Disneyland costs around $100, but this price varies widely depending on the taxi service you use and how big the car is.

How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

LAX allows only a handful of taxi services in the airport parking lot. Check the LAX website to contact the taxi companies directly and determine the exact cost. Remember to account for tips and service fees, especially if you have a lot of baggage.

How Much Is an Uber From LAX to Disneyland?

The cost of an Uber from LAX to Disneyland ranges from around $50-$70.Check the Uber Estimate webpage to stay up to date on prices.

Be aware that prices will fluctuate, and your Uber ride may cost more during the tourist season. Uber prices rise during the busy summer months and decrease during the low season from November to March. 

Is It Cheaper To Catch a Taxi or Uber From LAX to Disneyland?

Catching an Uber is significantly cheaper than taking a taxi. We recommend Uber as the best way to travel from LAX to Disneyland.

On average, taxis cost about twice the amount that Uber does. Uber prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, so pricing is competitive in busy locations like Los Angeles. Taxis usually have standard rates, and they tend to be more expensive.

Some Ubers may cost more than a taxi. For example, a big SUV Uber may cost more than an average taxi. Factor in the size of the car when comparing rates. And make sure to contact Uber and the taxi companies to compare current fares.

Uber pays its employees only for hours they spend actively driving. Taxi companies pay their drivers a flat hourly rate, so the prices tend to be higher. The cheaper cost of Uber makes it a perfect choice for Disneyland transportation.

How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

How Much Would an Uber Cost From LAX to Anaheim?

On average, an Uber from LAX to Anaheim costs about $60. Uber cars can pick you up at an airport entrance rather than LAX-it, but it may cost more.

Uber costs depend on the size of the car, pick-up location, and current gas prices. Check the Uber website for the most updated fares.

Also, consider your specific destination in Anaheim. Anaheim is a big city, and some locations may cost more than others.

How Much Does Uber Cost From LAX to Disneyland Hotel?

The cost for an Uber from LAX to Disneyland Hotel depends on many factors, including traffic, size of the car, and current rates. The hotel is around 34 miles from LAX, and you should expect to pay approximately $50-$70 on an average day.

However, keep in mind that this rate varies significantly. You can call Uber directly and ask a representative about fares or calculate the cost on the Uber website. Consider what season you are traveling in and how high the demand for Ubers is.

How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

Uber is the best choice for transportation to Disneyland Hotel. Meet your Uber at an LAX entrance or the LAX-it pick-up location, and your driver will take you directly to the hotel.

Conclusion – How to Take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland

You can reserve a slot ahead of time or order an Uber from LAX to Disneyland in seconds. Remember to select the Lux, Black SUV, or Uber Black if you want a direct airport pick-up.

To find out the cost of your Uber, you should consider several factors. Determine how large your party is, where the Uber will pick you up, and how far your destination is. Don’t forget to factor in tips and extra fees for luggage.

Whether you’re traveling to Disneyland Hotel, a hotel in Anaheim, or Disneyland Park itself, Uber is your best bet. Uber is cheaper than taxi services, and pricing is competitive. That means that prices will be even lower during the off-season.

Remember to contact Uber directly if you have further questions about pricing and locations. Now that you know how to take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland, your trip to the Happiest Place on Earth will be easy and fun for the whole family.

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