Where Are Best The Grocery Stores near Disneyland?

Are you visiting Disneyland soon? You may be wondering if there are any grocery stores near Disneyland to stock up on snacks and essentials for your family. The good news is that there are plenty of grocery store options close to the park.

While Disneyland has many restaurants, eating out every night can become expensive. Save time and money by shopping at grocery stores instead.

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Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

grocery stores near disneyland

Anaheim has local shops, ethnic food markets, and big-name grocery stores. You can find everything you need while visiting Disneyland, whether you need packaged snacks, prepared meals, or fresh ingredients.

If you forget a necessary item, it can ruin your trip. Make your vacation easy by visiting the grocery stores near Disneyland. Check out our handy list of the best grocery stores near Disneyland below!

ABC Market

ABC Market is one of the nearest grocery stores to Disneyland, and it is on S Harbor Blvd and W Katella Ave, on the southeast corner of Disneyland. It is within a convenient walking distance of Disneyland, next to the Radiator Springs Racers and Cars Land.

At ABC Market, you can buy cold drinks, chips, and snack food. The market also sells a limited amount of fresh fruit, including bananas, apples, and oranges. The produce is seasonal, so you may want to check on their stock by calling ahead.

You can also buy ice creams, perfect for cooling off after a hot summer day at Disneyland. A downside is that ABC Market has a small grocery section, so you may want to choose a different location for more grocery options.

grocery stores near disneyland

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a grocery store less than a mile from Disneyland. The market is on the south side of Disneyland at W Katella Ave, and it is a great place to pick up simple groceries. The store offers curbside pickup and mobile delivery, so you can enjoy your trip and not waste time shopping.

Go to Food 4 Less if you need grocery necessities like vegetables, frozen pizza, dairy products, and baked goods. The store does not carry name-brand items, so you will have to settle for the store brand. However, it is a very convenient option, and it has all the essentials.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

This market is one of the best options near Disneyland. Walmart Neighborhood Market carries all of the brands you are probably familiar with at home. Shopping here is an easy way to find all of your essential items. 

Walmart has an online ordering service that makes it simple to get the items you need on your Disneyland vacation. Order everything from sunscreen to juice pops on the Walmart website, then head to E Clifton Ave and S Anaheim Blvd to pick up your order. Or, shop in person and find the grocery items you need inside the store northeast of Disneyland.

grocery stores near disneyland

El Super

El Super is on the northeast side of Disneyland, and it is a great place to stop by and grab grocery essentials. This location is on S Iris St, but Anaheim has other El Supers. It is one of the largest supermarkets in the Disneyland area, and you will be able to find all of the grocery staples you usually buy at home. Order online through Instacart or shop in-store.

El Super has fresh produce, meat and seafood, a deli, and a bakery. It is local to southern California, and it always has healthy and quality produce and meat. The market also carries a large selection of snack foods, perfect for hungry kids at Disneyland. 

Northgate Market

Northgate Market is a few miles north of Disneyland, at S State College Blvd and E Lincoln Ave. Even though it is not within walking distance of Disneyland, it is still a great choice. Northgate Market is the only Mexican market in the area with a large selection of Hispanic groceries.

Go to Northgate Market to pick up premade Mexican meals or purchase ingredients specific to Mexican cuisine. If you are staying in a hotel, cooking can be difficult, so the packaged meals at Northgate Market can come in handy.

Northgate Market is in Anaheim Shopping Center near the Orange Freeway, so you can have fun shopping before you pick up groceries.

grocery stores near disneyland


You can find familiar brands and grocery essentials when you shop at Albertsons in Anaheim. The store is about two and a half miles from Disneyland, on the northeast side of Anaheim. 

Albertsons is usually open until 11 pm, so it is a convenient choice if you need to shop late at night. This location is off S State College Blvd, so you will probably want to take Vermont Ave when driving to Albertsons from Disneyland. 

Make sure to pick up some of their fresh deli trays and snack plates. Albertsons has many easy options that can save you cooking time.


There are many convenient Vons locations in Anaheim, but the nearest Vons to Disneyland is the S Anaheim Blvd and W Lincoln Ave location. It is in Anaheim Town Center, near Pearson Park, and it has everything you need for grocery shopping near Disneyland.

Vons has a bakery, deli, and floral department. It also carries produce, meat, and seafood. Order curbside pickup or shop the aisles yourself. Vons is also a great place to buy personal care items, so you can run by if you forget a toothbrush, sunscreen, or shampoo. 

Call ahead to schedule a delivery, and Vons will deliver right to your hotel or rental house. This grocery store will keep your vacation to Disneyland running smoothly. 

You can also order a deli or bakery tray ahead of time. Consider ordering a fruit and veggie tray or sandwich platter to satisfy your group after a long day at Disneyland.

grocery stores near disneyland

Target Grocery

You may not think of Target as a typical place to buy groceries, but the shopping chain has recently opened a grocery line. Target Grocery in Anaheim is near Disneyland at Euclid St and Lincoln Ave, and it is near the Santa Ana Freeway.

The store is only nine minutes away from Disneyland and has everything you need to make your trip successful. Target Grocery carries fresh produce, packaged items, and frozen foods. It also has home items, and you can stay prepared with all of the options at Target. Check out the clothing section if you need warm weather clothing for Disneyland.

Make sure to pick up some prepared meals and snacks to enjoy on the trip home from Anaheim. Or, fill your cart with fresh groceries to cook after a fun day at Disneyland.

Walmart Supercenter

Walmart Supercenter is eight minutes away from Disneyland if you take the Santa Ana Freeway. It has a more varied selection of items than Walmart Neighborhood Market does, and you will be able to find the brands you like to buy at home.

This grocery store has fresh produce, a large bakery, and packaged and frozen foods. Pick up some cold drinks or snacks, and enjoy breakfast pastries before your day at Disneyland. Or, check the weekly ad to see what is on sale.

Walmart Supercenter is one of the best choices for grocery stores near Disneyland because it carries almost every grocery item in many different brands. Even though it is not within walking distance, Walmart Supercenter is still near Disneyland, and it has the widest selection of grocery options in Anaheim.

Conclusion – Grocery Stores Near Disneyland

If you’re traveling to Disneyland with family, knowing where the closest grocery stores are can help you avoid running out of snacks and essentials for the kids.

The grocery stores in our list have a wide range of products and brands to ensure you can find what you need, whenever you need it, during your trip to Anaheim and Disney.

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