Disneyland Height Requirements for Kids, Toddlers, Babies

People love the idea of visiting Disneyland and bringing their kids with them. But the Disneyland Height Requirements can make things tricky when you’re kids aren’t tall enough for the rides they really want to go on!

Disneyland Height Requirements

However, you may have kids, toddlers, or babies in your family, so you must plan the trip with them in mind. Doing so means knowing the height requirements at Disneyland to avoid problems and meltdowns when they can’t go on some of the rides!

disneyland height requirements

Disneyland establishes height requirements on some of its rides, so some children can’t ride them if they don’t meet the criteria. Because of this, you must learn about the purpose of height requirements, what you should expect at Disneyland, and how to plan for your trip.

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Understanding the Purpose of Height Requirements

People don’t always understand why roller coasters and rides set height requirements. They exist for multiple reasons.

  • The ride might be too intense for someone under the height limit.
  • The rider could face injuries because of height issues.
  • The rider can’t reach the proper safety harnesses while under the height requirement.

First, a child or toddler under the height requirement may find the ride too intense. Going on the ride might cause them to throw up or get upset, so you don’t want them to face an uncomfortable experience by going on the ride.

On top of that point, some may face injuries if they don’t meet the height requirements. For example, a child may fall in-between areas or easily slip out of the ride while it picks up speed. The situation could lead to an unfortunate accident, so always put safety first.

disneyland height requirements

Some rides also use guard rails for people to hold onto and remain secure. If kids can’t reach the guard rails, they could face problems and feel unsafe while trying the ride. The same applies to any other safety harnesses riders need to use while enjoying roller coasters.

In short, Disneyland established height requirements for a reason. They want as many people as possible to enjoy their rides, but they also want to keep their guests safe. Because of this, you need to respect the rules and focus on protecting your children.

The Height Requirements for Rides

As you prepare for Disneyland, you need to know which rides have height requirements ahead of time. Then, you can plan around them and see which ones your children or toddlers can enjoy while you visit the park.

Luckily, Disneyland posts all their height requirements online, so we summarized them here.

  • Autopia requires 32 inches or higher, with someone over 54 inches in height accompanying the rider. Otherwise, people must be 54 inches or taller to go on by themselves.
  • Gadget’s Go Coaster requires 35 inches or higher.
  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run requires 38 inches or higher.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad requires 40 inches or higher. 
  • Splash Mountain and Space Mountain require 40 inches or higher.
  • Star Tours and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance requires 40 inches or higher.
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds require 42 inches or higher.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure requires 46 inches or higher.

While Disneyland has multiple rides with height requirements, it offers plenty of activities for any age. On top of more rides, the amusement park provides shows, locations, and characters to meet.

disneyland height requirements

With this in mind, if you plan to visit these rides with kids, check their heights beforehand. You can check your child’s height at different rides if you don’t know whether they can ride them. If your child meets the height requirement, they can go on. If not, you can find another ride for them to enjoy.

What About Holding Babies On Rides?

Depending on the ride, you may wonder if you can hold a baby while on it. You can hold your baby under certain circumstances, but you can only do so if the ride doesn’t have a height requirement.

Many rides at Disneyland don’t have height requirements, so you won’t run into issues if you plan to hold your baby. However, if you go on any of the rides listed above, you can’t hold your baby while riding them, so you need to either skip the ride or have someone else hold them.

Usually, you won’t run into fast or extreme situations while on the rides without height requirements. However, the ones with height requirements may put your baby into a dangerous situation, so make sure to listen to the rules.

Preparing for Your Trip To Disney With Kids

If you plan to bring children or toddlers under the height requirements, you need to plan ahead. Make sure you think about these critical points to help you and your entire family enjoy your time at Disneyland with minimal issues.

Bring an Adult Per Child When Possible

Trying to keep up with a child at Disneyland can pose some challenges. If you try and take care of multiple kids at once, you may find the challenge impossible to handle. However, if you bring an adult per child, you can make sure you have enough adults to take care of the kids.

On top of this, if one of the kids can’t go on a ride, you can have an adult stay with that kid and go on a different ride. The kid who doesn’t meet the height requirement can still have fun while others go on a different ride.

If you take this approach, assign a specific adult to each child. That way, the children know who they should stay with as they go on rides throughout the visit.

Avoid Rides Your Child Can’t Go On

If you know the rides ahead of time, you can avoid them. Doing so will make it easier to plan your stay and minimize problems as you enjoy your time at Disneyland. For example, if you approach a ride your child wants to go on but can’t, your child may become upset.

Make sure you plan your trip based on these rides to keep them out of sight. If your child can’t see the ride, they won’t want to go on it. Of course, you can always grab a map to find out where you can find each ride.

However, you can only plan these details if you know the rides ahead of time, so make sure you figure out the height requirements.

Distract Your Child When Possible

If you go toward a ride your child can’t go on, they may point at it and want to ride it. When this happens, your child may become upset if they can’t go on the ride, so you must prepare to distract them.

Luckily, Disneyland offers plenty of attractions for you to distract your child once you arrive. For example, you can point out a character nearby and have your child say hi to them. You can also point out other rides, go to a gift shop, or even stop somewhere for food.

Luckily, Disneyland provides plenty of activities for any age, so you can always find something your child will enjoy.

Final Comments – Disneyland Height Requirements

Disneyland sets height requirements to keep people safe while on the rides. If you see a height requirement, make sure your kids, toddlers, and babies follow them. Otherwise, you could face severe consequences if you get someone under the height on the ride.

If you plan to bring any younger children to the park, check the requirements ahead of time and plan accordingly. Not only will you avoid problems and tantrums, but you can find tons of great activities for younger kids to enjoy while they visit Disneyland.

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