Denver Airport Map (DEN) – Plus Tips For Smooth Departures [2022]

The Denver International Airport ranks as one of the United States’ largest airports. It’s a travel hub within the USA and as such, it’s also a common airport stop for layovers. But it can be confusing for first time visitors – so here’s a Denver Airport Map to help you prepare for a smooth departure.

Th Denver airport has a unique layout, so it’s best to be prepared for your flight in advance to avoid getting lost or running out of time on your way to the flight departure gate.

For first time visitors, Denver Airport can be a little tricky to navigate. An indoor train takes people between terminals, as the airport is so vast you can’t get from one concourse to another in any short amount of time.

This train can be found on the ground floor, so if you need to get to an upstairs gate, ensure you factor this into your arrival and departure time at the airport.

Denver Airport Map 2022

This is the current Dever Airport map of the layout for 2022.

Click here to view an interactive map of each floor.

denver airport map

How far in advance should I get to Denver Airport?

As Denver Airport is one of the largest airports in the USA, you should plan to arrive at the terminal at least two hours before your flight to ensure you have a smooth departure.

Denver Airport has three security checkpoints. South, which is open 24 hours a day, North, which is open between 4am and 9pm, and Bridge security which is open from 4.30am to 6pm.

Checking in and going through security could take as little as five minutes – or as long as an hour. When you fly will be one of the main factors in deciding how far in advance you need to arrive at Denver Airport. Peak times will be the most busy, with red-eye flights and early morning ensuring you have a swift check in experience.

Can you walk between terminals at Denver Airport?

You can walk between terminals at Denver Airport, but most people choose to catch the free train that runs between them to save time.

All concourses are connected to Denver Airport’s main terminal by the train.

A pedestrian bridge will connect you from the Main Terminal to Terminal (Concourse) A. From Terminal A it takes 5 minutes to walk to Terminal B, and 7 minutes to walk to Terminal C.

Is Denver airport easy to navigate?

Navigating such a huge airport as Denver International can be difficult for even the most experienced traveler! But as long as you give yourself ample time before your flight, including potential lengthy lines for security and customs, it’s not as bad as people say.

denver airport terminal
Denver Intermational Airport

Is Denver a huge airport?

Denver Airport is one of the biggest airports in the USA. It spreads across 34,000 acres, with one main terminal – Jeppesen Terminal. This terminal area covers 1.5 million square feet.

The airport has three concourses, and over 6 million square feet of public terminal areas. Across all three concourses there are 89 flight gates.

How long does it take to walk through Denver airport?

If for some reason you wanted to get some extra steps into your day, it will take you around 1 hour and 15 minutes to walk through the main terminal and around all the gates.

You can walk, but taking the Denver Airport train is much better!

Is Denver airport expanding?

As of the date of publishing this article, Denver Aiport has just opened 16 new gates on Concourse C. This is part of a $2.3 billion expansion project for the airport.

A total of 39 new gates are planned for DEN, increasing flights by 30% and also improving the airport experience for passengers.

This most recent expansion covers another 49,238 meters, and includes additional airport support, outdoor patio, extra seating, nursing rooms, device charging stations, and pet toilet areas. New shopping options will open in 2023 that will include Aviano Coffee, Teatulia coffee and tea bar, Mister Oso, Black Canyon Market and Goods, Mister Oso, and more.

In Summary – Denver Airport Map And Tips

Denver Airport is a huge place, and it’s best to arrive at least two hours in advance of your flight to navigate both busy lines, and the airport itself.

In addition to its already sprawling size, DEN is planning huge expansions to increase capacity for more flights, and ensure its customers have an even better experience when flying in and out of this busy airport.

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