How Can You Stay in Cinderellas Castle Suite in Disneyland?

The iconic Cinderella’s Castle has captured the imagination of generations of Disney fans. But can you stay in Cinderellas castle suite in Disneyland? Here’s what you need to know

Disneyland is a one-of-a-kind, magical experience for kids and adults of all ages, but you may be wondering if you could stay overnight in Cinderella’s charming castle. After tiring your kids out on the many rides at Disney, you may want some rest, and what better place than Cinderella’s castle suite? 

cinderellas castle suite
Image credit: Disney

Having the option to stay in such a luxurious room brings its questions, such as, can kids stay in Cinderella’s castle? And what is the Cinderella castle suite? Read on to find out all about Cinderella’s exclusive suite and its unique amenities. 

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The Origin of Cinderella’s Castle

The now-iconic castle sits at the center of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and is featured as the main attraction for guests to gaze up in awe while visiting the park. Cinderella castle’s suite was primarily set up for Walt Disney and his family as overnight lodging when they came to the park.

After the untimely passing of Walt Disney in 1966, Cinderella’s castle suite was used as a space for extra storage and even an office for a short time before the Magical Kingdom’s construction was completed. What we know as Cinderella’s castle today was a project that took around 18 months of construction and became complete in July of 1971.

Standing at 189-feet, the iconic landmark is visible from the Seven Seas Lagoon right in front of the Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney and his Imagineers wanted the castle to be the primary focus of guests entering the park, knowing they would admire its late-Gothic spires and colorful turrets. 

What Is Cinderellas Castle Suite?

Cinderellas castle suite is an exclusive hotel room decorated with lush beds, a sofa, and stained glass windows. A limestone fireplace is the centerpiece to a fully furnished suite that reflects a 17th-century, glamorous aesthetic akin to the French chateaus of the 1800s.

The ornate fireplace doesn’t burn actual wood, instead, a system of fiber-optics creates the realistic glow of burning embers that bounce off the majestic stained-glass windows overlooking the Magic Kingdom. 

Each queen-sized bed is draped with elegant curtains and features a crest with the letter “C” (for Prince Charming, of course!) with the finest bed linens draped over the frames.

The room features a stunning portrait of Cinderella herself, which magically transforms into a flat-screen television. Off the bedroom is a luxurious bathroom with his and her sinks, a garden tub that sits below a star-studded ceiling, and intricate chandeliers that resemble crowns. Other features of the room include:

  • A “magic mirror” television that plays the original Disney animated classic, Cinderella
  • Remote controls for the fireplace and the lights
  • A special space paying tribute to Cinderella’s icon glass slipper

The only way to enter this lavish suite is via an elevator activated with a special card, called the “Key to the World” card. Visitors then step out into the Cinderella castle suite and are greeted by a pumpkin coach straight out of a fairy tale. Moving from the marble-floor foyer, visitors get a glimpse into the royal bed-chamber and bathroom. 

Can You Stay in Cinderella’s Castle Suite?

With such fine interiors and extravagant fineries, you may be asking “Can families book the Cinderella castle suite?” While the Cinderella castle suite is the only location within the park suitable for an overnight stay, most people rarely see the inside, much less get a chance to stay in the suite. 

The Year of a Million Dreams launched in 2007 and with that, Walt Disney World selected a few lucky park guests to live out their dream of staying the night in Cinderella’s castle suite. After the year was over, however, the dream suite was delegated to celebrity visits and seldom giveaways that occur once per year or so.

cinderellas castle suite
Image credit: Disney

Occasionally, the suite is formally reserved for prize winners for specific sweepstakes or charity auction winners. The limited use of Cindy’s charming suite can be attributed to the need for exclusive staff to stay in the park overnight to accommodate the guests and additional upkeep in keeping the suite clean between guests.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

While the suite may be off-limits to park guests, one amenity you can experience is Cinderella’s Royal Table dining room. Formally known as King Stefan’s Banquet Hall, the Royal Table is a unique dining experience located within the castle. 

cinderellas royal table

Guests are guided to the restaurant by spiral staircases or a gilded elevator that leads up to the second floor. Once inside, visitors are treated like royalty, with children greeted as princes and princesses and adults as lords and ladies. 

The interior of Cinderella’s Royal Table is defined by its looming stone archways and is decorated with medieval flags and coats of arms to fully immerse the guest in fantasy and gothic architecture. Located in between the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Frontierland, it’s a can’t-miss opportunity to step inside Cinderella’s castle!

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Cinderellas Castle Suite?

Since you can’t book a night or two in Cinderella’s castle suite like any other hotel, it is quite priceless. Celebrities and the occasional Disney VIP guests have been allowed to stay there, but other than their travel expenses and entrance fees into the park, it can be hard to determine how much their stay cost.

If we look back on past charity auctions, however, we can estimate how much a night in Cinderella’s castle suite costs. In 2019, Disney partnered with ESPN and auctioned off a night in the coveted castle on eBay to raise funds for The V Foundation. 

cinderellas castle suite
Credit: Disney

The prize package included a round trip flight for four people, transportation to the park from the airport, two nights’ stay at a Disney resort as well as the one night stay in the exclusive hotel room, four park passes, a Disney gift card totaling $2000, and a Disney VIP tour.

The auction was initially valued at $10,644.80 but quickly surpassed that amount in bid amounts. Finishing with a generous 114 bids placed, the auction closed out with a winning bid of $75,600. That’s a lot of dough for staying one night in Cinderella’s castle, albeit with some extra perks. 

In Summary – Can You Stay In Cinderellas Castle Suite

Cinderella’s magical castle is a beacon for park goers, creating an immersive atmosphere inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Although it is seldom used as a hotel suite, Disney occasionally invites celebrities, prize winners, or charity auction winners to stay overnight in Cinderella’s castle suite.

While the chance for you and your family to stay inside the Cinderella castle is minuscule, there are plenty of other options that offer that unique and magical Disney experience. A few resorts that feature rooms with views of Cinderella’s castle include Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel, The Polynesian, and Disney World Grand Floridian Resort Hotel.

With lush features and enchanting furnishings, it’s no wonder that Disney fans want to stay a night or two in Cinderella’s suite. From gorgeous stained-glass windows to luxurious bed-chambers, Cinderella’s suite is a magical experience for kids and adults who love Cinderella and her tale of true love.

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