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Why Hoboken Is Obsessed With This Roast Beef Sandwich | Legendary Eats

Founded in 1913, Fiore’s House of Quality specializes in classic Italian deli food, including heros, paninos, and other sandwiches without defined characterizations. One specialty at Fiore’s is its “roast beef and mutz” hero, which is doused in gravy and has a roast beef to “mutz” ratio that is mostly “mutz.” Speaking of “mutz” – Fiore’s makes theirs in-house everyday.

Also, if you used to watch NBC’s ’30 Rock,’ this sandwich might look familiar: It was featured on season 2 episode 14 “Sandwich Day,” where Liz Lemon had to scarf down the entire hero at airport security, after its container of gravy was deemed over the 3 oz limit. We go to Fiore’s and interview the current owner, John Amato Sr., and customers about why this sandwich is so coveted.

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Why Hoboken Is Obsessed With This Roast Beef Sandwich | Legendary Eats

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